How IV Therapy Can Help Beat Depression During COVID.

a depressed man
a depressed man watching the sunset

The weight of a pandemic, political election, kids going back to school, and so much more is starting to feel heavy. Even those who claim to be “mentally tough” are starting to feel some form of anxiety. Did you know depression is the leading cause of disability among those between ages 15-44 according to the Center for Disease Control?

How does depression affect the brain?

Depression can be triggered from many different types of circumstances. Genetics, gender, age, health conditions, trauma, grief and most recently, stressful events like a global pandemic. When the body goes into a stressful event, the body releases cortisol. Problems start to occur when excessive amounts of cortisol are sent to the brain due to a stressful event. Long-term exposure to increased cortisol levels can slow the production of new neurons and cause the neurons in the hippocampus to shrink. Many researchers believe high cortisol levels play the biggest role in changing the physical structure and chemical activities of the brain triggering major depression.

So how can IV Therapy help treat Depression?

IV therapy is one of the best ways to quickly help treat depression because it is delivered in fluid form into your body with faster results. Infuze Wellness offers a variety of IV treatments that are designated to help with different issues, but we have found that our NAD+ IV Therapy is the best for helping to treat depression.

Our NAD+ IV works at the cellular level by restoring the levels of NAD present in your body. NAD+ offers a nero-protective effect, guarding the nerves from demyelination. It serves as a brain restoration that increases neuron function, protecting cells from toxins, such as cortisol, and damage.

Additionally, when you increase the levels of NAD+ throughout your body, your body starts to naturally feel more energized. Instantly you see noticeable differences such as clearer skin, thicker nails and hair, you have less brain fog and it leaves you generally feeling and looking younger.

The overall benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy is remarkable. Infuze Wellness offers concierge services and has multiple locations to better serve our fellow Nevadans. Give us a call at 702-964-9500 to book your IV Therapy today!

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