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Remodel your face and body and experience tighter skin with our safe and effective technology.

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IV Therapy

The benefits are endless regarding IV Therapy in Henderson, Nevada. Improve comprehensive vitamin replenishment, boost your energy levels, improve mental clarity, strengthen immunity, and promote overall wellness.

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Enhance your look without undergoing surgical cosmetic procedures. Look younger, smoother, and better.

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Plasma Pen

Eliminate fine lines, acne scars, and dull and sagging skin with our non-invasive skin treatment.

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PDO Threads

Lift and tighten your face and neck without needing a surgical procedure.

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Welcome to Infuze Wellness

Aesthetic Treatments in Henderson, Nevada

Investing in your looks provides you with confidence and better self-esteem. Moreover, it also heightens your convenience as professionals like us will assist you in improving your appearance. You do not have to go through trial and error because our services are proven to be effective and relaxing. We want to help you save time and your body from the damage of unsure products and procedures. Here at INFUZE WELLNESS, you receive the satisfactory services you need and deserve.

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We Are CommittedOur Mission Statement

INFUZE WELLNESS is inspired by the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. Wellness is approached from the inside out. Medical and scientific advancements are integrated with self-care and the understanding that true beauty begins with how we treat ourselves and our bodies.At INFUZE WELLNESS, we constantly strive to provide a superior guest experience in a modern, luxurious setting. Enter INFUZE WELLNESS and detach yourself from the stress of everyday life. Our space has been designed to offer our guests a soothing retreat where they can rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, for a harmonious self.

IV Treatments

Weight Loss in Henderson, Nevada The benefits are endless when it comes to IV therapy in Henderson, Nevada. Improve comprehensive vitamin replenishment, boost your energy levels, improve mental clarity, strengthen immunity, and boost your overall wellness.

IV Fuzes

Replenish your body.

IM Boosters

Quick body boost.

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Nad + Fuze

Reverse signs of aging from inside your body.

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Cosmetic treatments preformed by our Master Injector.

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We Can Come to You

On-demand mobile IV therapy delivered to your hotel, home, or office.

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