Replenish Your Body with NAD+ IV Therapy in Las Vegas

This therapy injects the NAD+ coenzyme straight into the bloodstream for quick intracellular absorption, thereby slowing down the aging process brought on by the declining levels of NAD+ in your body.

The coenzyme helps your cells continue functioning normally and can even help you counteract the effects of aging.

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Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy

We take on every client’s aesthetic goals individually and develop a unique treatment plan based on your needs. Call us today to learn more about our NAD+ IV Therapy in Las Vegas.

Quick and Painless

Improves Cognitive Function

By reversing the decline in brainpower associated with aging, NAD+ IV therapy helps you improve focus and concentration.


Boosts Metabolism

This therapy helps your body convert nutrients from food into body fuel for your cells.

Younger-Looking Face and Body

Cell Regeneration

Helps generate cells and convert body fuel into usable energy.


Reduced Drug Dependence

This therapy replenishes NAD+ levels in your body, flushing out any traces of drugs and helping you function normally.

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