Viora ReLift – Facial Contouring and Lifting

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Facial aging reflects the cumulative effects of time on the skin. Many facial indicators of aging reflect the combined effects of gravity, decreased tissue elasticity, and rearrangement of subcutaneous volume.

Viora ReLift requires no recovery time and is a safe, affordable, non-surgical treatment that can be completed over a lunch break.

before and after images of a man after ReLift
Actual before & after images!

ReLift addresses the localized fat along the jawline to redefine your profile!

How it Works.

Thanks to incorporated vacuum suction and RF energy, the treatment provides almost immediate effect. The ReLift treatment encourages fat cell lipolysis, prevents future fat accumulation, increases fibroblast proliferation and stimulates collagen that provides an additional lifting and tightening effect.

How many sessions are needed to see results?

Everybody’s situation is a little bit different. We recommend between 3 to 9 sessions, depending on the severity of your skin condition.

Does it hurt?

Thanks to Viora’s Propriety CORE Technology and integrated contact cooling, the treatment is pain-free and no topical anesthesia is required.

If you are interested in learning more about our NEW Viora Treatments, please contact us at 702-964-9500.

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