Preventative Care with Infuze Wellness

As kids head back to school and our lives jump back into full throttle, taking the time for preventative health measures will help you avoid illnesses and supercharge your immune system.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

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The best way to keep your immune system strong and keep you healthy, is by living a healthy lifestyle. It was found that 58% of the immune system is almost completely determined by non-genetic factors. The following are tips that can influence it every day:

  • Consume a healthy diet of vitamins and nutrients
  • Exercise regularly to move your body
  • Sleep well and aim for quality sleep each night
  • Follow proper hygiene habits for your body and surroundings
  • Ensure adequate nutrient and vitamin levels
  • Maintain hydration

Reality of Preventative Care

We all aspire to do the above list every day, but let’s be real. When stress levels run high, preventative care goes out the window. At Infuze Wellness Center, we know this and see it with our patients all the time. That is why we offer an Immune Fuze. This IV therapy is a quick and easy way to implement preventative care into your life and keep your immune system strong.

Immune Fuze as Preventative Care

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When we created the Immune Fuze, we packed this IV with all the benefits from our Vitamin fuze, plus a higher amount of Vitamin C, plus a whole gram of Glutathione. Not only will it help you build resistance to common illnesses, it will also flush out toxins from your body before they can build up and weaken your immune system. This IV is the most effective and powerful way to supercharge your immune system and stay ahead of seasonal illnesses.

Book Now

It’s important to remember, prevention is key to avoiding dangerous organisms. So wash your hands, take care of your health and schedule an Immune Fuze IV online or call 702-964-9500. We can even come right to your home with our concierge service!

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