New Year, Same Habits?

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While we’d love to tell you that IV Therapy is the answer to all of your challenges, we know it isn’t. What we can tell you with certainty that life won’t always go as planned so below we’ve outlined a few tips to help you maintain control.

  1. Embrace Balance. Some days will go exactly as planned and others won’t. Stick with it and learn the value of balance.
  2. Be kind to yourself. It’s a common practice to beat yourself up when you get off track. DON’T. Speak kind words to yourself and be forgiving of your errors. Wellness requires training and training requires practice so be kind to yourself during this process.
  3. Be Accountable. Balance and kindness don’t absolve us of accountability. This could be setting weekly goals or reminders, finding an accountability partner or even committing to an activity that focuses on your wellness. Find what works for you and stay with it.
  4. Start Small. One of the reasons so many of us miss our goals is because we make them impossible! Going from no exercise to two-hours, five days a week is not likely to last. Perhaps if you begin with thirty-minutes, twice a week and build from there you can go the distance. You’ll feel much better about yourself and have a higher chance of success.
  5. Set Realistic Goals. No one has ever undone years of bad habits overnight. Be ok with putting in the work and know that it’s perfectly acceptable to adjust your goals. You have the freedom to scale back or step it up, just don’t give up. You’re in complete control of your wellness and your well-being, so take control.
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