What is NAD+ IV therapy?

NAD+ IV therapy is a treatment that seeks to replenish the levels of NAD in your body with a solution administered through an IV.

Why is NAD+ so important?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the most essential molecules in your body and is in every living cell. 

It is the cornerstone to maintaining healthy internal organs and a healthy neurological system. 

What are the benefits of NAD+?


As a breakthrough B vitamin coenzyme, the benefits of NAD+ are innumerable. If you are concerned about what you put into your body, you can rest assure knowing that NAD+ is a naturally occurring molecule already present within every cell of the body.  Noticeable differences include clearer skin, thicker nails and hair, increased energy, less brain fog, and generally feeling and looking younger. 


Cognitive decline is one of the most common effects of aging. NAD+ offers a nero-protective effect, guarding the nerves from demyelination. It serves as a brain restoration that increases neuron function, protects cells from toxins and damage, and promotes the process of mitochondrial biogenesis. It works to improve concentration, mental clarity, and mood.


Typically doctors will over prescribe a combination of sleep medication and antidepressants, which may not actually improve chronic fatigue. NAD+ works by supplying energy that is needed on a cellular level in order to heal.


Medical research is uncovering how NAD+ is connected with vascular aging. Vascular aging, the result of our tiniest blood vessels withering and dying, reduces blood flow to our organs and tissues. This decreased blood flow contributes to disease. NAD+ significantly impacts the cardiovascular system, neurological system, muscle wasting, frailty, and aging. 

Two key players in the cross between blood vessels and muscles are the NAD+ mole and a protein called SIRT1. NAD+ boosts SIRT1, which in turn enables the conversation between muscles and blood vessels. 


Increasing the levels of NAD+ throughout your body allows it to better heal itself from injury. Research shows that ATP and NAD+ may alert the body's natural immune response when the cell is under stress or where inflammation is present. In addition to this, NAD+ is crucial to the activation of ply ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPS), which repair damaged DNA.

Does NAD+ help with Addiction?

New studies are starting to be released that NAD+ can help with the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency. Patients are reporting total recovery from addiction within 7-14 days with no subsequent craving for their substance of choice and few withdrawal symptoms. 

Recovery wellness clinics are starting to use a combination of daily IV infusions of NAD+ and amino acids for treatments lasting 10-14 consecutive days to drastically alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from opiates, benzodiazepines and alcohol. 

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