How to get over a weight-loss plateau.

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So, you stopped drinking soda, you cut processed sugar out of your life and you joined a gym to burn off some extra calories. You have lost weight and you feel great, but for some reason your weight-loss has come to an abrupt halt.

You have reached a weight-loss plateau.

According to the experts, hitting a weight-loss plateau is not unusual. As your weight drops and your body composition changes, so do your nutritional needs.

It is important to remember the following tips to help you get over the plateau and back on track.

Quality of Food.

Unfortunately, processed foods won’t cut it anymore. Look towards quality whole foods like vegetables, beans, high-fiber fruits and lean proteins. Lean proteins like fish and chicken also help reduce the drop-in metabolism often seen during weight loss by helping your body hold on to its muscle mass.

Shake up the Routine.

Muscles become familiar with the same old workout, making your regular routine less effective. To see a change in body fat, you must get outside of your fitness comfort zone. Try a high intensity interval training course or if you have been lifting weights, try walking and running intervals.


Research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found people who didn’t get enough sleep tend to eat more and struggle with elevated cortisol levels. A full night’s sleep is vital to losing body fat because it resets your stress hormones. Elevated cortisol levels can lead to body fat accumulation, especially around the midsection.

Seek help from a Wellness Center.

So, you’ve said, “Done, Done, and Done” to all the suggestions above. Have you tried regularly visiting a wellness center? At Infuze Wellness we approach wellness from the inside out, uniting a holistic and scientific approach to self-care for the mind, body, and spirit. We believe in taking an approach where one-size does not fit all; each patient is unique and has unique needs.

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Flush with Fluids.

Keeping your hydration in check is the most important element to helping your body lose weight. Symptoms of dehydration can mimic symptoms of hunger so it’s easy to get the two confused. At Infuze Wellness, we specialize in the most efficient and effective form of hydration, IV therapy. No matter which additional formulas you choose, each IV contains 1 Liter of electrolyte enhanced fluid and provides the most rapid form of re-hydration.

These effects are often profound because the fluid is the perfect composition for one’s bloodstream, and it does not have to be altered by the body in any way. Depending on your diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle, hitting optimal hydration is a feat that your body may or may not be capable of simply by drinking water.

For more information on how Infuze Wellness can help increase your performance and get you past your plateau, give us a call at 702-964-9500.

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