Achieve Your Summer Skin and Body Goals with These Minimal Downtime Treatments

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Some people use the summer break from work to finally have that cosmetic surgery they’ve been putting off, while others use it to organize a beach getaway or a family barbecue. The problem, however, is that few people want to waste their vacation time and the beautiful weather recuperating from a major cosmetic surgery or procedure.

Thankfully, there are a variety of less invasive cosmetic procedures that may improve your appearance with little to no downtime, so you can easily fit them into your summer vacation itinerary.

Whether you want to enhance your features or tone your body before hitting the beach, try these minimal downtime treatments at our health spa in Henderson:

Microneedling for glowing, smooth skin

When the seasons change, it’s a good idea to get a skin rejuvenation treatment. However, after undergoing some treatments, such as laser therapy or more intense chemical peels, patients may be advised to stay out of the sun for a while. Microneedling and other minimal downtime treatments give you a non-surgical option for looking and feeling younger.

During this procedure, microtraumas are made all over your skin using extremely fine needles. These micro-injuries are enough to kick-start the skin repair and collagen-making mechanisms in your body. This not only repairs the skin’s inner structure but also provides clients with long-term benefits.

Need a subtle facelift? Try dermal fillers

While some people can benefit from a rejuvenating skin treatment to get them summer ready, others might be interested in something more subtle. Dermal fillers are a nice minimal downtime treatment for giving your features a natural-looking boost. Dermal fillers are one of the only cosmetic procedures that have not been shown to cause the skin to become more sensitive to the sun, making them an excellent choice for treatment before a tropical holiday.

Clients who wish to improve their appearance with dermal fillers now have access to highly individualized care, thanks to the rapid development of non-surgical alternatives. The dermal fillers we offer at Infuze Wellness in Henderson are formulated specifically to restore collagen in regions of the skin that have thinned out significantly. Patients typically schedule dermal filler treatments in the spring so they can enjoy their benefits throughout the summer since the effects typically last anywhere from four to nine months.

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Go for body sculpting treatments for a toned body

Body sculpting treatments see a huge surge in demand as we get closer to summer. With all the beach parties and holidays coming up, we get clients looking for a way to get a toned body without having to rest for weeks after. One of the best alternatives to surgical procedures is minimal downtime treatments like Morpheus8.

If you’ve recently lost weight through diet, postpartum changes, or gastric bypass, you might be dealing with sagging skin. Body contouring or shaping is one way to enhance the skin on your body by tightening or remodeling it. This treatment is great for getting in beach-ready form.

Liposuction, panniculectomy, and abdominoplasty are all examples of body sculpting operations, but they all have a considerable recovery time before you see any results. In contrast, the Morpheus8 body remodeling treatment doesn’t involve stitchesor anesthesia, as it is a minimally-invasive procedure. The procedure is relatively painless and quick. Hence it doesn’t need a long recuperation period. The total time required for the procedure is rather short, ranging from twenty minutes to two hours. There is however, a 45 minute numbing time prior to the treatment.

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Smoothen cellulite off your body with Morpheus8

Do you ever get bumps and dimples on your skin? It’s probably cellulite, a prevalent skin condition. Most often found on the thighs and buttocks, this condition can also manifest on the chest, stomach area, and upper arms. Extreme forms of cellulite cause the skin to seem lumpy and wrinkled.

The accumulation of fat cells and the subsequent pressure they exert on the skin result in the appearance of dimples and other skin imperfections. Cellulite is also influenced in part by hormones. When the skin loses its elasticity with age, it reveals itself in the form of cellulite. Anyone can get cellulite, but as people gain weight, the dimples become more obvious. Moreover, this condition is more common in women.

While methods like exercising, dieting, massage, and cellulite treatments might help improve the look of your skin, it may take a while to see any visible changes. The good news is that you can use minimal downtime treatments like Morpheus8 and Evolve Tone to reduce the visibility of cellulite. While Morpheus 8 body treatment has minimal downtime, Evolve Tone treatment is non-invasive and only takes 30 minutes per treatment. Evolve Tone increases muscle strength through electrical muscle stimulation to produce muscle contractions. It typically takes 3-6 treatments for optimal results.

Get summer-ready at our health spa in Henderson

We offer all the body remodeling and skin rejuvenation treatments above and more at our health and wellness spa. Just tell us your summer skin and body goals, and we’ll help you find the perfect treatment to achieve them. At Infuze Wellness, you get to enjoy all kinds of aesthetic treatments at highly affordable rates, that too in a soothing environment.

Book an appointment with us today to get these treatments in Henderson.

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