Teeth Whitening

See results fast without going to the Dentist

Smile with Confidence

At Infuze Wellness Center, we provide the best professional teeth whitening treatment on the market. Using the Beaming White System, specifically developed for spas and salons, you’ll see immediate results after just one visit. Our quick and effective LED teeth whitening treatment will boost your confidence where your smile beams.

Infuze Whitening

Our quick 30 minute to 1 hour teeth whitening sessions are perfect for a quick lunch break with our certified Infuze Technicians. With little to no sensitivity and three different levels of whitening strength, our clients rave over the results after just one session.
16% Hydrogen Peroxide
Appointment takes 45min - 1hr
25% Hydrogen Peroxide
Appointment takes 45min - 1hr
38% Hydrogen Peroxide
Appointment takes 30min - 45min

See results with Infuze teeth whitening.

State of the Art Treatments

Viora treatments are clinically proven, safe and painless with no downtime. With the ability to customize treatments, our clients see a faster and more effective solution than procedures with other devices.
Innovative Improvements

Viora listens to our clients to continually improve customer experience and innovate existing technology.

Smarter Products

Our Viora products work together to achieve the custom skin tightening results you’re looking for. Viora is committed to providing the most advanced technologies and support, in turn our staff is expertly trained to treat the largest variety of aesthetic conditions.