IV Treatments

IV Therapies

Hydration Fuze

Helps prevent and assist with dehydration


What's in it?

Vitamin Fuze

Hydrating Vitamin fuze. Aids in weight loss, boosts the immune system, increases energy, detoxifies the body and increases  strength.


What's in it?

Health & Fitness Fuze

Will provide you with a healthy complexion, glowing skin, detoxification, energy and immune system boost and will slow the aging.


What's in it?

Biotin Beauty Fuze

Our Biotin Beauty Fuze is formulated with vitamins that supplement your hair, nails and skin, making them stronger and giving them a healthier appearance. Hair, nails, and skin are a reflection of one's immune system, so when powerful antioxidants and vitamins are introduced internally, the body flourishes and the anti-aging results can be noticed immediately. 


What's in it?

The Hangover Fuze

This Fuze rehydrates your body with vitamins and minerals, to further accelerate recovery, detoxing removes the buildup of toxins caused by alcohol consumption. The addition of anti-nausea medication with pain relievers will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


Keep The Party Going Fuze

Delivers our most comprehensive mix of IV vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals.



Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, more commonly referred to as NAD+, is found in every cell in the body and is essential to life. This Fuze can help repair cells throughout the body and helps optimize many cellular functions throughout the body such as increased energy, mental clarity, focus and concentration, improved mood, memory, eyesight and hearing as well as decreased pain and withdraw symptoms.

Starting at $499

IV Pushes



Detox Duo

Glutathione & Vitamin C



Vitamin Push

Vitamin C/B-Complex & Magnesium


Biotin Beauty

Glutathione/Vitamin C/Dexpanthenol & Biotin 


Cold Buster

Glutathione/Vitamin C & Magnesium


Booster Injections

B12 Booster

5,000 mcg


Biotin Beauty Booster

Glutathione/Dexpanthenol & Biotin


Energy & Weight loss



B-Complex Booster



Immune Booster

Glutathione 500mg


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