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Are you looking for a better way to manage your health & fitness?


MELINA FITNESS has partnered with Infuze Wellness to offer NEW proven programs to help you meet your health goals.

The FIT-TOXTM, a 10-day ultimate fitness detox that gives you the energy you need to work out hard while detoxing your body. The 60 DAYS FIT CHALLENGE, a 60-day at home program that offers meal plans, supplement guide, workouts, and more! And CUSTOM NUTRITIONAL CONSULTING, where you meet with Melina and build a meal plan that fits you and your lifestyle. 

Who is Melina? 

Known as one of the top fitness experts in the industry, Melina has over 15 years of experience in nutritional education and physical fitness. Her personality, energy, and ability to connect with others is a desirable aspect in her programs and a reason why she is one of the most sought-after nutritional and fitness experts in the industry.

To learn more about Melina & MELINA FITNESS. Check out her website!

Nutrition & Fitness Programs


Looking for a new health and fitness program to try? This 60-day AT HOME program has meal plans, supplement guides, a detailed food list, at home workouts, weekly check-ins with Melina and more!

This program is simple and easy to follow and is perfect for the beginner to intermediate person who is looking to build new daily habits and change their lifestyle.


Unlike traditional detox plans where you limit your calories, The Fit-Tox, 10-day ultimate challenge, provides a superfood detox meal plan, simple cardio workouts, natural fat burining secrets & daily social media check-ins. 

This program is perfect for boosting metabolism & dropping extra pounds anytime of the year!



Not interested in a "diet" but looking for ways to improve eating habits, or build a solid meal plan that is realistic for you, and your lifestyle? Then this is the perfect option for you. Nutrition consultation includes a through review of health and eating habits, provides guidelines, recipes and more!

What Infuze IV goes best with health & fitness?

Our Health & Fitness fuze!  Designed to provide you with a healthy complexion, glowing skin, detoxification, energy and immune system boost. Hydration is key to being healthy. Book your next Fuze now!

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